Paul Cherry

Paul was with the company for a few years, following in the footsteps of his Mom, Anne, who is also in the company.
He delighted us all, with his portrayal of roles, such as Micheal in “Bitter Sanctuary”. He also joined his Mom on stage, with characters such as Tobias Ragg In “Sweeney Todd” and again as Perc in “Alfie”.

Whilst rehearsing for the role of Perc, Paul was covering his school work – experience period, and was based at the B.B.C. Pebble Mill Television Centre and was assigned to the crew working on the television Programmme “Pebble Mill at One”.

One Day the top guest was Sir Micheal Caine, whom Paul was allowed to meet in the Green Room and then asked Sir Micheal if he would mind signing his “Alfie” script.

Sir Micheal Caine, very graciously agreed to sign the script for Paul and said to him, ” Cor… you ain’t playing bleeding Alfie are you”? and both laughed. (Paul not quite at the age to play such an onerous role at 16)

The signed script remains in “Mom’s safe hands” and which Anne,will always treasure.

Paul then went onto 6th form college to take his A
levels and Join the world of “computers and their needs” as his chosen career. His Mum is still involved with the company, so perhaps one day, Paul may return to play “one more role”.

As Cast


Sweeney Todd
Tobias Ragg / A Boy

Bitter Sanctuary

As Cast

1993 Alfie
Role : Perc

1992 Sweeney Todd
Role : Tobias Ragg / A Boy

1991 Bitter Sanctuary
Role : Michael