Richard Frazer

I have been acting since around 15 when I discovered a friend in a sports club kept disappearing from games and training with poor and mysterious excuses. Eventually I found out he was acting and got the team to attend his next show. Some how he talked me into helping on the next show and it started from there.

Started with theĀ  Highfield Players in Hall Green around 1993 as a small part actor in a few shows such as Guards, Guards by Terry Pratchett and a Meg & Mog, doing 2 shows a year Joined Music on Stage in around 1996. While at Musiconstage (MOS). I performed numerous parts and had my first directorial position with them in the form of a comedy called the Pied Piper II: The Squeakuel in 2010. I show I co-wrote, performed and directed and it was a good success which gave me the confidence to delve deeper into directing. I then tried my skills coaching and directing shows for the youth group (MOSkeetos), finishing with MOS in 2011.

In around 2003 I began to act with Shire Productions who performed at all Tolkien and Middle Earth Festival events between 2003 and 2010. I had parts in 5 of their performance years. Then I joined Stage27 to pick up a period of more serious acting after taking a short break. Very quickly after a couple of shows which rekindled my interest I began to look at directing positions again. The last show I directed in at the Old Rep with a Oscar Wilde show called Lord Arthur Savilles Crimes in 2014 and last play I performed for Stage27 was the 2014 winter pantomime; Grimm Tales.

In 2015 I decided to take up the opportunity to direct the show Season’s Greetings for my new home the Wythall TheatreĀ  Group and I have been made to feel very welcome. Time will tell if the show is successful, but the signs are good and my enjoyment in the art is riding a high.

As Director

As Director

2015 Season’s Greetings
Role : Director