Dig for Vengeance

Venue : Feckenham Village Hall

Date : November 2017

Genre : Murder Mystery Evening


Peter Round


Val Archer

Val Archer

Anne Cherry
Brenda Alnutt (Landlady)

Ed Parrott
Rev. Simeon Knatchbull

Andrew Gregor
Sid Mole (Gravedigger)

David Smith
Edward Jardine (Widower of the victim)

Alison Trombley
Maisie Coggins (Beautician)


Jo Key


Jo Key

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Dig for Vengeance

This will be a chance for you to test out your own sleuthing skills. Our skillful actors will provide the clues but it is up to you to solve the mystery!

This is an earthy and black-humoured Murder Mystery by Patricia Gay.

"The village of Sodbury End has been run efficiently and firmly by one Jennifer Jardine. Until that is, Mrs Jardine is blown sky-high in her allotment shed whilst potting up a monkey puzzle tree.

When Detective Inspector Grace Murray arrives to investigate this death, all the villagers are quick to assert that Mrs Jardine was such a lovely person and they cannot believe that anyone would want to murder her. But the Inspector digs deeper and unearths some different tales. For it appears that many people had disliked the deceased because of her inflexible regime.

So what dark secrets lie buried in this parochial plot? And most pertinently, who had the greatest cause and know-how to lob a WW1 Mills bomb into Mrs Jardine’s shed - whilst she was in it?"

An entertaining evening at Feckenham Village Hall.

Saturday 18th of November 2017.

Tickets: £10 (including a ploughman's buffet)

Contact: 01564 823350 or 01564772939. Email wythalltheatrecompany@gmail.com for more details.

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