Mill Hill

Venue : Arden Hall

Date : June 1986

Genre : Play


Ted Pedvin


Heidi Cullerne
Denise Blundell

Steve Brown
Peter Trilby

Richard Whitmore
Roy Blundell


Steve O’Hara


Steve O’Hara

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Adjudicator's Response

Castle Bromwich Theatre Group. Drama Festival 1986
At Arden Hall, Water Orton Road

18 June 1986

Wythall Dramatic Society.

"Mill Hill" by John Mortimer.

The Play: This is a pleasant piece of nonsence, well written and titillating the appetite without going over the top.

Presentation: The bed centyrally placed was the focal point of the set, dressing table and bedroom furniture completing a quite attractive arrangement.

Modern day clothing presented no great problem. The green top and red trousers of Denise were well chosen. Peter's casual clothing suited his part, while that of Roy should have provided a greater contrast. Elizabethan hat, cloak and sword were quite adequate, but I did think the sceptre a little tawdry.

Make-up presented no great problem. Lighting was straight forward. The few bars of jolly music provided the right atmosphere at the opening.

Production: All these three young players have good potential and will, I am certain be useful members of the society. However, I did feel that the play had been somewhat under rehearsed. For example, pick-up of cues was slow on occasions. The actual speeches were delivered at a far too rapic a pace, inspite of advice to the contrary which must have been given.

Again, more could have been made of the business with the cloak and the dressing of Denise and also the tiff between the two men.

The idea of wearing Elixabethan clothing provided the stimulus for Peter's sexual urge and when they were dressed he should haved kissed Denise. As it was, they appeared almost too embarrased to touch one another.

Acting: General movement and grouping was satisfactory. The full potential of this play had not been adequately exploited.

My general comment to all three actors is "For heaven's sake speak more slowly." You all have good voices and the ability to learn lines; then let the audience follow what you are saying.

You raised several laughts but I suspect these were from members of your own society who had seen the play at the rehearsal stage. Study your lines carefully and extract full meaning from them.

Adjudicator: B. Jackson, Unknown Publication