Sorry Wrong Number (1986)

Venue : Arden Hall

Date : June 1986

Genre : Thriller


Mike Beamish


Estelle Shutkever
Mrs Stevenson

Mary Mellor
1st Operator

Steve Brown
1st Man

Beryl Linforth
Chief Operator

Mary Mellor
2nd Operator

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Angela Rushworth
3rd Operator

Jane Wilkes
4th Operator

Heidi Cullerne
Hospital Receptionist

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Adrian Steele
Western Union

Gerry Solomon
Sergeant Duffy

Richard Whitmore
Lunch Room Attendant

Jytte Cumberland

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Right Number

Wythall Dramatic Society got it right when they performed "Sorry, Wrong Number" at the Castle Bromwich drama festival.

The thriller play was voted top out of 18 plays from societies from all over the Midlands.

And actress Estelle Shutkever was voted joint best actress after her leading role in the play.

Unknown, Local Newspaper, 1986

Adjudicator Report

This play was performed as part of the Drama festival 1986 at Castle Bromwich. Here is the adudicator' report:

The Play:
This is an excellent suspence thriller, relying totally on telephone conversation.

Stage Presentation:
Mrs Stevenson's bed was the focal point of the set. Small telephone kiosk, telephone exchange, Hospital reception desk, Police Station, Telegram Office and Information desk were strategically placed and were expertly illuminated as required. Mrs Stevenson was lit by a bedside lamp, which was, I suggest, a little too bright for audience comfort. Introductory music was excellent and blended into the action. Train effect was of a high standard. Ringing of telephones were all on cue.

Without wishing in anyway to detract fro the overall success of this production, given and actress of superior ability, the rest was fairly simple. Even the supporting characters all did their small parts with complete conviction. Outstanding were the New York Cop and the Hospital receptionist. The suspense and tension were delightfully built up to its inevitable and terrible climax, heightened by the sustained rattle of the train.

I propose making a general comment concerning the supporting cast. Although the parts were small they were all convincing, audible and completely unmoved and impassive by the ravings of Mrs Stevenson. I would suggest that the telephone operators would have used dialling sticks rather than their fingers. A nice little touch for one of them to doze off.

Sergent Duffy - was a real character and performed his little part very well indeed. Just for a contrast, with a name like Duffy he might have adopted an Irish accent.

Hospital Receptionist - I really appreciated her lovely rich voice - it was a pleasure to listen to her.

Mrs Stevenson - There is nothing I can add to my verbal comments. This was a truly outstanding performance. Se pitched her emotions high at the beginning. She was, I suspect, a hypochondriac; the swallowing of the pills and her nervous manner, created at once the highly strung person she was. From this state of high emotion at the beginning she had the ability to go even higher until finally she became almost demented. I can only say "Absolutely Superb!" - Many Congratulations.

An excellent production!

B. Jackson, Adjudicator Report