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We would love you to share any memories and experiences that you may have had with WTC over the many years and many productions.

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  1. Just a quick message to say thankyou to WTC for the many happy years I spent with fantastic people putting on shows in school halls, drama festivals and local theatres. Being part of the backstage crew, mainly sound, I spent many hours up in the lighting and sound box following the script and making sure that thunder clap happened at just the right time! Great people, very professional amateur shows and a lot of fond memories except for the one and only time they managed to get on stage to play a pirate… won’t be doing that again anytime soon!

  2. I loved being prompt for this fantastic company. Promoted for two shows, The Dresser and Steel Magnolias. Made some wonderful friends and met some wonderful people. Such a shame it’s no longer running, but so many happy memories.

  3. I would like to say that Wythall Theatre Company was the best family of people to be a part of. The most professional performances, sets, backstage support anyone would have wished for. I am truly sorry that WTC came to a rather abrupt end but as often internal, external and financial pressures take a toll.

    I would like to thank all the many friends I made through the years through WTC. Mostly I would like to celebrate the brilliance of the fantastic award winning group.

    Please make use of this website to search the archives and experience the joy, thrills and humour WTC provided audiences for sixty years.

    This website will only be live for a few years so please make the most of it as a past member, audience member or as someone interested in our wonderful Theatre Group.

    The curtain may have fallen for the last time on WTC but let the memories live on in your own theatrical adventures.

  4. Truly saddened to hear of the closure of WTC – I was a brief member some years ago and worked on and in a couple of brilliant shows. Such happy memories of some truly wonderful people, many of who have remained friends to this day. I wish all the health and happiness in the world for you all and may your lives be filled with WTC magic always xxx

  5. Sad to hear the company has closed. Many happy memories of good friends and my time as an occasional actor and a regular director.

  6. We as The Magnificent 5ive, spent many ahappy hour laughing with Angela Smith, Jack Parramore – “what sweets have you today Jack?” and Beryl Linforth – “trying not to laugh at the shark swimming past the school window at Innesfree School…. if you weren’t there – you missed a treat.
    A Big thank you was much appreciated from Angela – who thanked us new directors Jayne & myself for allowing an “oldun” to be in their play “Housekeeper Wanted” …”Can I come in – I’m in” at Earlswood Village Hall.
    Greatest moment No.1 – Castle Bromwich Festival, “Untimely Ripped” I was stage manager – what a long night.
    Hardest – Getting all the furnature from Val Archers House Alcester Road – for Redditch Festival and carrying it back at 1am through the dark.
    Greatest Moment No.2 – Front of House Dressing , making the front hall at Woodrush a delight from the moment you walked in for a great night, with Ros Carolyn Jayne Sue. I could go on…. lol but we had about 4 years of fun, laughter, great teachers, Mike Beamish, Ted “Pedelbin”, Jerry Sol, Jerry, Angela,Val, Beryl, Ken Gibbons & not forgetting Estelle Shutkever, many have taken their final curtain but the applause still lingers…..

  7. Following one from Marcus’s post (above) I just wanted to use this temporary opportunity to record what WTC did for me.
    I was invited to come along to an audition for A Murder is Announced by my friend, Adam Lee in the autumn of 2007.
    As soon as the audition began I realised the quality of the actors in the room and, frankly, was quite happy just to be amongst them. I certainly didn’t expect to be cast. Dave Key particularly sticks in my mind. He was sitting next to me and as soon as he launched into his characterisation I was so impressed, and a little intimidated.
    At the time I was at a bit of a low point, professionally, and in need of something to sustain me psychologically. We’re talking mental health here.
    Very few things in my life have made me happier or have been as big a shock as when I received the letter from Tony Lacey (Director) inviting me to play the part of Inspector Craddock.
    It gave me a huge positive boost at a time when I really needed it.
    The next 10 years, spent appearing in productions, or helping to direct one, or helping backstage provided many highpoints and a sense of camaraderie to treasure.
    Nowadays, as part of my work, I quite frequently talk with people about the benefits of doing something that brings them into contact with a diverse range of people, other than their usual colleagues and family.
    For me, Wythall was that ‘something’ for more than 10 years. Being a part of WTC was good in so many ways, particularly when life was otherwise so hectic. I feel very grateful, but also sad that it isn’t there any longer.
    Hopefully we not only bolstered our own mental health, but also amused and entertained our audiences!


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