Steve Rossiter

“I have enjoyed drama since my first experience at Woodrush Senior School.

WTC have given me the opportunity to take pare after many years away… whilst raising a lovely family and building a thriving business as Birmingham’s first Organic Butchers…. selling an Award Winning Sausage!

Drama is a welcome pastime away from work ad I would like to thank WTC for supporting, encouraging and welcoming me.

I look forward to many more performances!”

As Cast

As Cast

2015 Season’s Greetings
Role : Eddie

2015 The Vicar of Dibley
Role : Jim Trott

2014 Boeing Boeing
Role : Bernard

2014 It Runs in the Family
Role : Dr Mike Connolly

2013 Dad’s Army
Role : Lance Corporal Jones

2013 Nobody’s Perfect
Role : Gus

2012 And Then There Were None
Role : Rogers

2012 A Kiss on the Bottom
Role : Attendant

2011 Strictly Murder
Role : Josef