Random Harvest

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Venue : Woodrush High School

Date : October 1959

Genre : Drama


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Jim Munden


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Penny Ewens

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The recently formed Wythall Dramatic Society...

The recently formed Wythall Dramatic Society presented the dramatised version of James Hilton’s “Random Harvest” which, chiefly in a series of flashbacks, tells the story of a family’s misfortunes through the “between wars” period.

Against this tapestry is the struggle of the shell-shocked soldier to regain his lost memory and the turmoil this provokes. The players had, with commendable courage talked something a little beyond their strength, though by no means out of sight.

Chief burden fell on real-life husband and wife, Penny and David Ewens, who made a sincere attempt to convey the emotional strain under which both suffered for 18 long years before the last-minute revelation of the truth. They were well supported, and in particular Estelle Shutkever gave a vivid study of progress from schoolgirl hero-worship to the torment of unfulfilled love.

Note from the Archives:

It is regretted that, during a change-over of secretaries, the remainder of the cuttings dealing with “Random Harvest” were lost. This is the more unfortunate in that this Show was the biggest stepping-stone towards success in later years.

F.H, Local Paper