Meet The Cast Part 4

Meet the cast of our next production SIDE EFFECTS at the Palace Theatre Studio running Thursday 4th – Saturday 6th April in this wonderfully funny comedy by BAFTA award winning writer of Rising Damp Eric Chappell.

DAVID SMITH takes on the role of the Rev Paul Latimer who is recovering after major heart surgery. The transplant has brought him new life but has it also brought him part of the previous owners personality as well..that being….Melvin Wall of Death Rider. His wife Sarah certainly seems to think so after she catches him smoking, drinking and worst of all swearing in the vestry. And then there’s the secret and not so secret assignations with Tracey, Melvin’s old girlfriend who seems bent on leading the good vicar astray. Or could it just be the side effects from all the drugs he’s been taking to stop his body rejecting his new heart.

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