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Dig for Vengeance!

Our next productions have been announced and we have the pleasure of to provide more details for our production of “Dig for Vengeance” in October 2017.  This Murder Mystery evening will take place at Park Hall, Wythall Park on Saturday 21st October 2017 at 7pm.

Tickets:  £10 including a ploughman’s buffet.

Contact:  01564 823350 or 01564 772939.  Email

Hope to see you all there!

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Sue George (Shirley Weston), Ed Parrott (Don Weston) with Denise Weston (Zoe) and Alison Trombley (Chloe).

Hilarity in the mix at the hall

John Godber’s bittersweet comedy Gym and Tonic takes to the stage at Studley village hall this week from Wednesday, May 24 to Saturday, May 27.

Performed by the excellent Wythall Theatre Company and set in Scardale Hall Health and Hydro, Don and Shirley Weston have come to relax, pamper themselves, and just possible rescue and resuscitate their ailing marriage.

But as the days pass so the rifts appear to widen as Don’s mid-life crisis and his hilarious incompetence in step aerobics disco-cise and squash leave his wife wishing for their glory days of old.


Gym and Tonic has been Cast!

Paul Hughes is delighted to announce that he has cast his production of Gym and Tonic.  Full cast list is published on this site under the ‘Production Archives’ section.  Once again we have a set of very talented and versatile performers who will give stunning performances.

Please let us know if you would like to come along to work back stage.
Please find contact details on the home page.

When:  Wednesday 24 May to Saturday 27 May 2017
Where:  Studley Village Hall, Warwickshire
Ticket prices:  £10
Contact:  to be announced

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Gym and Tonic Updates

Our fantastic Paul Hughes will be in the directing chair again.  He has a fantastic record both as a performer, back stage and as a director.  He has found a perfect play for WTC and is busy casting (to be announced shortly).

Gym & Tonic is a comedy play by John Godber.  “Don and Shirley Weston have come to the Scardale Hall Health Hydro to relax, pamper themselves and just possibly rescue their ailing marriage.  But as the days pass so rifts in the couple’s marriage appear to widen and Don’s mid-life crisis and in competence in aerobics becomes more evident!  But they are not the only guests as an assortment of other characters are there too, raging from fitness fanatic Ken Blake to loaded widow Gertrude Tate.  But temptations are rife for the couple including love interests from others and the odd chocolate bar and pasty.


Gym & Tonic!

Our fantastic Paul Hughes wants to be in the directing chair again.  He has a fantastic record both as a performer and as a director.  He has found a perfect play for WTC and now needs the perfect cast and crew.

There is a read through for the possible next WTC production on Monday 21 November 2016 at the Wythall Village Hall at 8pm.

Congratulations to the cast and crew for ‘Blame it on the Black and Decker’.

Congratulations to our wonderfully talented cast and skilled crew for producing another Wythall masterpiece!  The audience were on the edge of their seats as each part of the murder mystery unfolded.  New photos of the set and the production have been added to this site tonight so you all have a chance to join in the excitement.  Congratulations to everyone involved and audience reactions will be added shortly.

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Blame it on the Black and Decker Poster!

We are excited to announce that the poster for our next production is ready.  Thank you to Paul Hughes for all his hard work and dedication.  The Murder Mystery has some new and familiar faces amongst the cast.  Rehearsals are underway with our fabulous director Julie.   Please see the production section of this site for more details and updates.

Here is a summary of the production details:

Date:  Saturday 12th November
Time:  7.30 pm
Location:  Britannia Room, Wythall House, Wythall
Cost:  £10 a ticket to include a buffet
Tickets:  07855913554 (text or call)
Tickets:  01564 4823986 (no answerphone)
Other:  Prizes, raffle and a great deal of fun!