The Beginnings of Wythall Theatre Company

This is the Company’s 60th year and I thought that it would be nice to share a little bit of history.  The Company was formed in 1958 under the name Wythall Dramatic Society (the name changed in 1979 to Wythall Theatre Group and then in 1991 to Wythall Theatre Company).

Only seven weeks after the group formed they performed Three One Act Plays (see featured photo) at Woodrush High School in Hollywood.  The plays were directed by Jim Munden, Amy A Cooper and Ted Pedvin.  The full review of these plays can be found in the archive section of this site but this is a little taster:  “The initial venture of the Wythall Dramatic Society testifies to considerable determination and drive…”.

In October 1958 Wythall Dramatic Society produced their first full three act play George and Margret.  Directed by Jim Munden, this was once again performed at Woodrush High School;  a venue which was used by the group for many years.  George and Margret was a success and as one reviewer said:  “In the fine new hall at Woodrush High School, Wythall Dramatic Society last night gave their first full-length production and happily for a new society came out of the ordeal very well”.

Since then the Company has gone from strength to strength.  With over 400 members past and present, it is about to perform its 157th production Side Effects in 2019.

More history facts to follow soon!