Hilarity in the mix at the hall

John Godber’s bittersweet comedy Gym and Tonic takes to the stage at Studley village hall¬†this week from Wednesday, May 24 to Saturday, May 27.

Performed by the excellent Wythall Theatre Company and set in Scardale Hall Health and Hydro, Don and Shirley Weston have come to relax, pamper themselves, and just possible rescue and resuscitate their ailing marriage.

But as the days pass so the rifts appear to widen as Don’s mid-life crisis and his hilarious incompetence in step aerobics disco-cise and squash leave his wife wishing for their glory days of old.

They are not the only guests either as an assortment of other characters drop in, ranging from fitness fanatic and businessman Ken Blake, bolshie student Shaun and the irrepressible and loaded octogenarian Gertrude Tate – not forgetting of course the glamorous masseuse Chloe and fitness instructor Zoe.

With temptations rife fro the couple it is not long before blood pressures begin to boil, pulses are set racing and nervous breakdowns at on the cards.

From the pen of master playwright John Godber, whose previous successes include Teachers, Bouncers, Shakers and Up ‘n’ Under, it promises to be a great night of theatre packed with hilarity and pathos right up to the final curtain!

With tickets just £10 on 07843 091297 or 01564 823350 the fun starts at 7.30pm each evening.