Outside Edge

Venue : Woodrush High School

Date : February 1985

Genre : Comedy





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Who's for Cricket?

The hilarious Richard Harris Comedy, 'Outside Edge' is being presented by the Wythall Dramatic Society this month.

The story of an English cricket team on one Saturday afternoon, the play introduces a spectrum of establishment characters and interesting relationships.

From the flustered housewife who hears rumours of an on going affair to the arrogant young lawyer whose brainless girlfriend gets locked in the loo the play provides an affectionate poke at the British way of life.

The play is produced by Mr Gerry Solomon, and the cricket bats and other items have been loaned by the Wythall Cricket Club.

The play is to be performed on February 21, 22 and 23 at Woodrush County High School, Shawhurst Lane, Hollywood.

Unknown Reviewer, Local Newspaper, 1985